Mimic Nature For Fulfilled Relationship, Happiness & Abundance

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. 


A study done by Harvard concluded that true happiness lies in fulfilled relationships. That’s it. It’s not about money, not about status, not about achievement !! Deven shared this study and his insight that relationships with mortals are subject to give and take, JUDGMENTS, biases, temporary happiness, mutual benefit… and more… as mortals… emotions are not constantly in a state of bliss, these relationships have ups and downs… like a roller coaster…  

IT prompted me to think about Relationship. Relationships are not confined to the process of “Give & Take”, I believe it is all about giving, sharing, that to without any expectations of returns – WIIFM. Just like in a True and Pure Friendship, Expectations does not exists and  Intentions is to give — love, respect, joy, happiness, support — and in return it acts as an antidote, it’s an after-effect. 

One has to first give/deliver values without thinking about the fruits one may receive after which one is actually entitled to receive something in return. In any relationship, if one wants to grow one has to give give and give. Even to Supreme, devotee has to first devote time, thoughts, love, life,….. to receive similar or even more powerful values from Supreme. Relationship is all about giving 110% with true heart and true self, just like a mother who gives 110% selfless love to her child without expecting anything in return but she receives 210% joy, happiness, fulfilment of motherhood from the same child. Most powerful meaning and purpose of life must be lead by the fact that Irrespective of others behaviour in any given relationship, one needs to remain fully committed and devote 110% energy in shaping/moulding it to give a larger picture & allowing it to Grow with Time. Nature does not ask what’s in return for me, and that’s why we see abundance in Nature. 

Giving is the Law of Nature, which we must Mimic for Fulfilled Relationship, Happiness and for Living in State of Abundance.


CELEBRATING 22K RUN @ 172 With Warrior Power !! AHO !! 17.11.2019

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