Convert Wisdom Into A Source Of Continuous Inspiration

        Dictionary Meaning Of Wisdom Is The Quality Or State Of Being Wise OR Knowledge Of What Is True Coupled With Just Judgement As To Action OR Capacity Of Judging Rightly In Matters Relating To Life And Conduct OR Soundness Of Judgement In The Choice Of Means And Ends. Wisdom Is Nothing But The Ability To Think, Feel & Act Righteously Based On Experience, Understanding, Insight Or Knowledge. Understanding And Adapting To One’s Wisdom Requires State Of Openness, State Of Acceptance And An Ability To See Beyond One’s Natural Understanding.  One Can Truly Learn Or Judge One’s Wisdom By Looking At One’s Ambition, Aspiration, Intention, Longing, Dream, Desire, Hope. It’s Up To Individual To Utilise This Wisdom And Convert It Into A Source Of Inspiration For Oneself As Well For Others.

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