Does Business Really Mean To Sell Something ?

        In General Selling Is Giving Something In Exchange Of Something, This Something Can Be Ideas, Advise, Behaviours, Emotions, Recognition, Pride, Words, Smile, Laughter, Happiness… Its A Give And Take Process. In Business Selling Is Nothing But Giving Products And Services In Exchange Of Money. But In Reality Money Is Just A By Product. In Selling True Buyer Receives Value Addition Against Expectations And Seller Receives Satisfaction Or Fulfilment, Money Is Just A Means. Seller Has To Provide Solution To The Buyer’s Problems Which Is Value Addition For The Buyers. Focus Of The Buyer Is In Resolving Problems And Focus Of Seller Must Be To Provide Solution To The Underlying Problems, Money Is Just A Transaction Value. Therefore One Must Stop Selling For Money And Start Helping To Resolve Problems, A Larger Purpose.

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