Improper Preparation Leads To Disastrous End

        Humans Have Lot Many Dreams, Desires And Wishes Which Keeps On Changing Day By Day As Per One’s Whims And Fancies. These Are The Very Reasons Which Makes Life Difficult, Giving Too Many Choices And Creating Confusion Over Where To Start. One Always Has Desire To Win Over But Does Not Have Understanding On Doing Home Work Before Playing The Game. Starting A Game Without Understanding Underlying Rules And Principles, Without Proper Preparation Leads To Disastrous End. The Real Dreams And Desires Are Ones, Which Are Sturdy, Which Generates Passion, Which Does Not Allow To Sleep, Which Are Potential Driving Force, Which Creates Momentum, Which Activates Focus. This Focus Helps In Cultivating Dreams, Converting It Into Passion, Giving Clarity And Understanding Of The Game, Creating Plans – Ways And Means To Achieve It, Prepares Well In Advance To Face And Over Come Challenges,  Energises Will Power And Ultimately Leads To Win.

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