Goal Setting Unrevealed

        One Must Think Big And Set Goals Which May Not Seem Realistic. This May Not Sound Logical, The Small And Realistic Goals Are Calculated And Derived Based On Once Abilities, In This Process Actually One Tends To Underrate One’s Ability. Unrealistic Goals Apparently Seems To Be Beyond Once Abilities But It Awakens One’s True Potential And In Long Run Becomes Driving Force. This Driving Force Constantly Challenges Oneself, Building Solution Driven Attitude, Enabling Resourcefulness, Bringing Clarity & Motivation To Keep Moving Up To Next Levels. Now Considering Pessimistic Scenario Even If One Does Not Achieve The Big Unrealistic Goals But Will End Up Reaching Far Ahead Of The Small Calculated Goals. And Considering Optimistic Scenario If Unrealistic Goals Meets The Larger Purpose There Is No Looking Back, Sky’s The Limit !!

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