Perfection Is Within Reach of Every Individual

        Perfection Is An Inherent Quality And All Living Beings Are Blessed With The Gift Of Perfection. One Is Not Able To Unwrap This Gift Due To Ignorance & Belief That No One Is Born Perfect. One Starts Putting All The Efforts In Identifying And Focusing On One’s Flaws As Well Other’s Flaws. It Further Becomes Worst When One Starts Comparing Oneself With Others And Perfection Seems Miles Away Or Out Of Reach. Everyone Has Gift Of Perfection, One Must See One’s Inabilities As Specialabilities – Special Gift. One Must Accept All Flaws And Inabilities, Convert Them Into One’s Advantage And Must Not Give Chance To Anyone To Use It Against Oneself, Not Even Oneself. On Life Path This Gift Of Perfection Unwraps Itself When One Aims And Peruses Perfection At Physical, Mental And Spiritual Levels.

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