Mediocrity Or Excellence - An Attitude Complexity

    One Of The Most Important Factor For Successful Life Path Is Attitude. Attitude Is A State Of Mind Which Influences One’s Actions. Attitude Can Prove To Be Strength Or Weakness Depending On How One Wears It. Mediocrity, A State Of Being Mediocre, An Attitude Of Mediocre Will Lead To Average Or Ordinary Results, Killing One’s True Potential Of Being Outstanding. Without Right Attitude, Skills And Talents Are Just Like An Unsharpened Sword, One May Have Chance To Defend But Can Never Win. To Win And To Achieve Excellence One Must Aim For The Same, One Has To Think, Feel And Act In The Direction Of Excellence For The Results To Show Up. Mediocrity Cannot Attract Extra-Ordinary Results Or Cannot Lead To Excellence Or Cannot Motivate To Be Outstanding, Mediocrity Powers Are Limited To Mediocre Results. Extra-Ordinary Results Demands Extra Efforts, There Are No Shortcuts. Right Attitude Can Unlock One’s True Potential, Leading To Excellence Or To Outstanding.

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