Role Model Or Critics, A Choice Between Responsibility And Criticism

        As An Critic One Judges, Evaluates, Or Criticises, As A Role Model One Inspires Others To Emulate One’s Behaviour Or Success. Both Influences Life Of The People But One Teaches Criticism And Other One Teaches Constructive Way To Lead Life. On Success Path One Must Not Judge Anyone Which Will Be Like Concluding Others Situations And Circumstances Without Any Understanding, Creating And Projecting False Impression. One Can Not Become Role Model And Attract Masses Without Experiencing Transformation With Shear Hard Work And Without Reaching To Peak Level On Success Path. One Can Not Become Role Model By Shear Wish, It’s The Masses Which Creates Role Models To Emulating One’s Success. Being Role Model Is An Act Of Responsibility For Others While Critics Is An Act Of Projecting & Imposing One’s Own Impressions On Others. For World To Be Better Place, World Needs More Role Models  – Responsible Citizens For Inspiring People And Uplifting Their Lives.

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