Procrastination – A Time Cycle One Must Break !!

        It’s In Human Nature To Procrastinate, Not Really, It’s Just A Belief, In Reality It’s An Unconscious Habit Formed Consciously Over A Period Of Time. Sometimes Or Most Of The Time A Thought That The Time Is Not Right For Doing Something, Stops Us From Taking An Action. This Keeps On Happening Again And Again. And One Gets Stuck In This Time Cycle.  Waiting For The Next Time Stops Us From Taking First Step Towards Our Desired Direction Due To Which We Miss The Subsequent Steps. We Over Power Our Inner Voice By Not Listing To Take Action. Ideally For The First And Subsequent Steps Results Won’t Be Different For Action Taken In Present Time Or In Future Time, The Only Difference Is With Time We Would Have Grown Older. In Fact We Will Have More Opportunity To Correct Our Steps If Taken In Present Time Than In The Future Time, And So Will The Results. The Time Is Always Right, Just Do It !!

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