How One Wears An Attitude Determines One’s Success !!

        Dictionary Meaning Of Attitude Is A Settled Way Of Thinking Or Feeling About Something, Point Of View, Frame Of Mind, School Of Thought, Outlook, Perspective, Standpoint, Inclination, Orientation, Approach, Opinion, Belief, Convictions, Feelings, Sentiments, Persuasion, Interpretation, Thinking. It Denotes The Placing Or Posture Of A Figure In Art From French, From Italian Attitudine ‘Fitness, Posture’, From Late Latin Aptitudo, From Aptus ‘Fit’. Attitude Is Position Or Posture Of The Body Appropriate To Or Expressive Of An Action Or Emotion. In Psychology, Attitude Is A Psychological Construct, A Mental And An Emotional Entity That Inheres In, Or Characterises A Person. 

        Attitude Is One’s Approach Towards The World. Attitude Is Nothing But A State Of Mind Which Influences One’s Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours Towards Oneself, Others, Relations, Opportunities, Life Situations & Events. One’s Actions Are Predominantly Controlled By This State Of Mind, Attitude.

        Attitude Can Be Categorised As Reactive Attitude, Responsive Attitude And Refrained Attitude. Reactive Attitude Is A State In Which One Always Reacts In Any Given Situation, Which Can Be Associated With Anger, Frustrations, Shot-Sightedness, Quarrel, Indifference. Responsive Attitude Is A State In Which One Always Responds In Any Given Situation, Which Can Be Associated With Peace, Happiness, Long-Sightedness, Problem Breaker, Solution Finder. Refrained Attitude A State In Which One Neither Responds Nor Reacts Which Can Be Associated With Neutral, Austere, Reserved, Aloofness, Distant, Unconcerned. 

        One Can Say That Attitude Is Mental State, Based On This State One Would Move Or Act In A Relationship Or An Opportunity. It’s Not Just Skills Or Aptitude Which Determines One’s Success, It’s An Aptitude Of Attitude Determines Sustainability And Long Term Success. Attitude Has Power To Make Or Break The Future Of The Person. Attitude Can Prove To Be Strength Or Weakness Depending On How One Wears It.

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