To Accelerate The Growth One Must Not Eat Mud !!

    An Outsider Can Never Understand One’s Chosen Path Or Dreamed Destination And Will Look At It In A Skeptical Manner. Only The Designer Or The Creator Of Path Can Understand The Importance Of Each And Every Move. Outsider May See Danger Or Can Not Have Clarity On One’s Move, Discouraging To Pursue Such Dreams Or Desires Which Could Be Out Of Love, Jealousy, Anger, Short Sightedness, Competition. One Must Not Deviate From The Chosen Path By Accepting & Eating Mud Presented By Outsiders. It’s Like Disrespecting & Killing One’s Imagination Or Foresightedness. When One Is Determined On Success Path, One Must Convert All Such Negative Obstacles Into One’s Advantage To Thrive And Use It To Accelerate The Growth. One Must Not Stop At Any Given Point Of Time On The Chosen Path, And Success Will Follow.

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