Is Digital Age Information Leading To Demonetisation ?

    In Digital Age, Information On Any Subject Matter Is Abundant. It’s Not At All Difficult To Gain Know How On Anything, In Fact Every Day We Are Bombarded With Lots Of Such Information Which Creates Curiosity To Know More And More. Such Information Is Of No Use, It Just Creates A Wow Factor. In This Info Age The Real Challenge Is To Filter Out Information Which Is Right For Us, Suitable For Our Current State, Will Help Us To Progress In Multi-fold, And Ultimately To Monetise On The Same. What’s This Right Information All About ? And What’s Not Right ? Not Right Are The One’s Which Generates Curiosity, Gives Us Feel Good Factor, Makes Us To Think For Short Time And Demonetises Our Precious Mental State Before Vanishing. The Right Kind Of Information Or Knowledge Will Not Vanish But Will Create Real Awareness Within. It Will Inspire And Prompt Us To Take Real Steps, Efforts In Direction Of Our Growth, Creates Real Impact On Our Physical, Mental And Spiritual Progress, Bridging The Gap Between Knowledge And Activity, Instigating Us To Act And Pulling Us On The Path Of Continuous Actions To Monetise On Our State Of Being — Mind — Spirit.

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