How Do We Over Come So-Called Failures ? (Part II)

    Once We Are In Winning Mindset, Nothing Can Stop Us. Winning Mindset Creates Will To Achieve Desired Goals And Keeps Us Motivated To Take Continuous Actions In That Direction, Keeps Us Inspired No Matter What. Now This Willpower Does Not Allow Us To Get Tired Of Our Failures On The Path Of Success, Where Success Is Nothing But Sum Total Of Small Small Wins Plus All The Failures. We Can’t Win Unless We Get Mastery Over All Our Failures, For Which We Need To Remain Motivated To Find Ways To Face & Fight Same Failures Again And Again Till We Succeed, In This Process Our Willpower Plays Key Role Backed By Winning Mindset. During Such Battles We Learn To See Different Perspectives Of The Same Problem In Finding Root Cause To Win Over. When We Master The Ability For Development Of Three Dimensional Modeling Of Any Problems Or Life Matters, We Also Create Ability To Accelerate On The Path Of Winning By Reducing The Rate Of Failures And Increasing The Rate Of Small Small Wins.

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