What Turns Gold Into Diamonds ?

    Often We Get Reluctant To Enjoy Life wholeheartedly. We Live By Giving Priorities To Education, Career, Family, Friends, Responsibilities And So On. Sometimes We Postponed Acknowledging And Fully Accepting The Moments, Which Also Holds Us From Getting Fully Involve In Such Situations. Life Is All About Living Happily And Cherishing Each And Every Moments. Time And Moments Once Gone Never Comes Back, It’s Hard Reality And Sometimes Difficult To Digest. We Forget That Happy Memories And Moments Are The Only Thing Which Makes Us To Move Forward, Keeps Us Motivated Till End Of The Time. One Always Has To Aim In Creating Happy Memories By Enjoying Each And Every Moments Of Life. As Time Passes These Happy Memories And Moments Turns Into Gold & Later Into Diamonds. 

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