How To Become A Hero ?

        There Is A Hidden Hero In Everyone, And It’s A Fact That Everyone Wants To Prove Themselves As Hero But Have No Clue On How To Bring Out Hero From Within. Most Often Herogiri Is Considered In Styling, Clothing, Jargon, Slang, Teasing, Bullying…. But True Hero Is A Winner, Victor, Champion, Warrior, Lion-heart And Heroism Is Bravery, Boldness, Daring, Chivalry, Fearlessness. Even If One Has All These Qualities, How One Can Prove Oneself ? It’s Important Where And When To Apply These Qualities. This One Act Which Can Make All The Difference Is Acceptance. When One Starts Accepting The Way The World Is And Not Wanting To Change It According To Whims Of Oneself, When One Starts Accepting People The Way They Are, When One Stars Accepting The Surrounding The Way It Is, When One Accepts Oneself With Whatever Qualities One Is Blessed With, One Brings Out Hero Within. Acceptance Is A Transformation Process And It’s A State In Which One Has Pure Heart, Mind And Soul. In Pure State One Becomes Fearless, Brave, Bold, Truthful, Bringing Out Noble & Outstanding Qualities From Within. A Pure State Of Acceptance Is An Act Of Heroism.

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