Can Knowledge Empower Us Indefinitely ?

    Knowledge Is Thorough  Understanding Of A Subject. It’s Learning Based On Acquired Skills, Research Or Experience. Our Knowledge Gives Us Cutting Edge Over Others. It Helps To Identify Opportunities And Its Potential. Knowledge Gives Us Clarity On  Our Success Path And Empowers Us To Win Over. In Today’s Fast Moving Time Acquired Knowledge Becomes Obsolete Quickly. One Must Sharpen Skills On Regular Intervals, Keep Abreast With Time. One Must Learn To Re-Learn By Unlearning, Continuous Learning Is A Need Of The Hour. Knowledge Is Generally Something Which Already Exists All Around And One Learns It By Decoding, Interpreting And Understanding It Under The Influence Of The State In Which One Exists. This Interpretation And Understanding Over Subject May Vary From Time To Time Based On The State In Which One Is Living. It’s Utmost Important To Keep Oneself Open To Re-learn And Re-Decode What’s Been Learned Already To Reach Out To Next Level. 

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