Accept Rejections Wisely !!

    On The Life Path, We Will Often Come Across Non Acceptance Of Our Ideas, Views, Thinking, Chosen Path…. In Short Various Kinds Of Rejection. It’s Entirely Up To Our Mindset To Accept Such Rejection And Sit Back Quietly, Accept The Way Outside World Conceives Us Or Accept The Way Our Inside World Wants Us To Grow, Following Our Dreams Fully And Achieving What We Desire. Choice Is Ours Whether To Live Dejected Or Projected Life ? To Accept The Rejections Or Reject The Rejections. The Simplest Logic Behind Not Accepting Rejection Is That It’s Unlikely That One Can Decode Our Ideas And Thinking Pattern, As Our Ideas Are Unique And Can Only Be Realised By Others After Proving What We Believe, So Why To Corrupt Our Thinking Pattern By Superimposing Others Thinking Pattern ? We Must Only Accept Things Which Moves Us Closer To Our Path Destination At The Same Time Convert All Rejected To Our Advantage & Accelerate On Our Path.

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