How To Keep Alive Mind’s Curiosity ?

    Success Is Sum Total Of All The Lessons Learned From Our Mistakes, Failures And Small Wins. If We Judge All Our Results, Specially Failures With A Yardstick, Soon We Will Lose Our Focus. It’s Important That We Should Not Judge Results As Well Ourselves Now And Then. Our Focus Must Always Remain On Giving Best Out Of All Our Abilities And Always Love What We Focus On. Once We Are In This State Of Mind We Will Stop Judging And Will Start Evolving. This Evolution Flourishes Creativity Making Us To Think Out Of Box As Well Transform Our Outlook On Perceiving Results from Each Actions. We Must Start Learning Over Comparing, The Faster We Grasp The Learning The Quicker We Move Towards Positive Results. We Must Always Keep Alive The Curious Mind, A Mind Hungry For Learning And Implementing. This Overall Shift In Mindset Will Bring Drastic Progress In Our Endeavour.

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