How To Train Our Mind For Success ?

    As A Human Being We Are Product Of Body, Mind And Spirit. Our Body Is Controlled By Our Mind And Our Mind Can Be Controlled By Our Spirit.  At The Macro Level, Let’s Consider And Focus On Body And Mind. To Some Extend Body And Mind Can Help In Changing Each Others State, Body With Physiology And Mind With Beliefs. Mind Is Protective In Nature, Restricting & Narrowing Our Thoughts. Our Results Are Dependent On Our Thoughts, And If Our Mind Controls And Narrows Our Thinking Than We Will Progress At Snail Speed. To Control Our Mind We Need To Work On Our Beliefs. Once We Master This Art, Our Body Will Be Totally In Control With Right Physiology And Right Mindset. If We Allow Our Mind To Operate Without Any Direction Then Our Desires And Goals Will Remain Dreams And We Will Never Transcend From Dreams To Reality. Although It Seems Tough Apparently, But It’s Just A Matter Of Training And Forming Habit For Mind To Listen To Our Heart And Intuitions.

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