How To Get Best Out Of Ourselves ?

    Often We Get Stuck In The Matters Where In We Are Not Expert Or Capable Enough. It’s Not That We Can Not Learn In Depth About The Subject And Get Out Of The Situation, But Question Is,  Will It Be Worthwhile To Invest Our Time In Such Matters ? Is It In Our Priority List ? Can Someone Else Do It Better ? Are We Losing Our Focus From Our Expertise And Capabilities ? Is It Leading Us Towards Our Goals ? Some Of These Questions Can Give Us More Clarity On Where We Are Heading. And It Happens That We Get Involve In Trivial Matters So Much So That We Get Out Of Track From Our Defined Path. We Cross The Line Between What We Can And Can’t Do. Ultimately We Are Hampering Our Own Progress And Growth. Best Solution Is To Remain Focus In Our Domain, Do The Things We Love The Most And Get Best Out Of Ourselves. 

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