Is Anything And Everything Really In Reach Of Human Beings ?

    Human Mind  Can Be Characterised As Restless, Fugitive, Unsteady, Timid Unless It’s Been Trained To Be Still & Calm. Due To Restless Quality Of Mind One Can Get Distracted Often From Their Path By Losing Focus And Bringing It Back On Track Is A Momentous Task. This Process Often Becomes Tedious And One Loses Interest Easily From Main Goal. This Is Mind’s Trick To Over Power Individual Will And Desire As Mind Always Seeks Security. Either One Controls Mind Or One’s Mind Will Take The Charge. For Doing Anything Consistently, Persistently One Must Stay Focused, By Not Allowing Distractions, By Remaining On The Chosen Path, By Loving The Path, By Creating Passion And Allowing Creative Mind To Flourish, By Sticking With The Task No Matter What, By Doing Chosen Task Over And Over To Bring Perfection. This Is The Way To Train The Mind, By Not Listening To Mind And Making Mind To Listen To Heart, Intuitions, Gut Feelings. One Has To Follow This Process Strictly Till It Becomes Habit. With Trained Mind One Can Do And Achieve Anything And Everything !!

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