Enjoying Human Relations At Its Peak

    It’s Human Tendency To Judge Someone As Well To Find Flaws, Above That It’s Considered To Be Okay To Make Someone Feel To Overcome Such Flaws. It’s Purely One’s Perspective Without Even Considering Judged Persons Feelings & Situations. It’s Too Easy For Human’s To Do Such Act And Feel Normal. Question Does One Use Same Yard Stick While Judging Oneself? Sounds Impossible, Than Why For Others? Is It Difficult To Accept Everyone The Way They Are? Actually It’s As Simple As One Expects For Oneself. One Must Always Be Non-Judgemental To Have Peace And Harmony Not Only With Others But Also Harmony & Peace From Within. One Must Love And Accept The Way People Are, This Will Also Simply Help To Love And Accept Oneself. It’s Because How One Is Outside Is A Reflection Of How One Is Inside. In This Way Equations Of Human Relations Will Be Simplified And Will Be At Peak With Far Better Understanding And Happiness. One Must Not Attempt To Fix Someone But Rather Must See Positive & Brighter Traits. It’s A Habit That One Must Cultivate For The Betterment & Upliftment Of One’s As Well Everyone’s Journey.

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