What Is Hard – To Fail Or To Succeed ?

    Every Aspirations, Every Dreams, Every Goals, Every Task, Every Work, Seems Difficult From Outside. At The Beginning It Seems Nebulous And Out Of Reach, But One Once Jumps In, Will Find The Ways To Conquer. Imagine The Way One Learns To Swim, Initially Everyone Is Scared Of Drowning, But Step By Step By Learning In Shallow Water With Buoyancy Aids And Constant Practice Builds Confidence To Swim Without Buoyancy Aids And Later In Some What Deep Water. Breaking Barrier Is The Most Important Step Which Requires Most Efforts From Inside As Well As From Outside. Once The Initial Barrier Is Broken, Which Has More To Do With One’s Fear, It’s A Matter Of Practice And Self-Confidence. The Curious Mind Plays A Vital Role In Learning – Relearning – Skilling And Later Action Mind In Exploring & Implementing. Nothing Is Impossible Till One Sees The Possibility, Possibility To Grow & Succeed. 

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