A True Friend Can & Will Lead To Success

    One Of The Aspect Of Success Is One Must Not To Let Down In What One Believes As Well Others Who Support One’s Such Beliefs. One Remains 100% Committed Towards Success When These Others Happens To Be Their True Friends And One’s Beliefs Becomes Much Stronger. It’s Holds Good For Both Negative As Well Positive Beliefs, And That’s Why It’s Important To Have Right Friends, Friends Who Not Only Support But Also Shows Right Path, Who Rejects One’s Negative Beliefs & Bends One Towards Positive Side, Who Inspires, Encourages, Points Out Limitations Or Wrong Doings, Supports In Failure, Who Creates A Room To Grow And Who Loves For What One Is Without Any Self-Motives Or Conditions Or Dejections. When One’s Belief Is Strongly Backed By Near And Dear One’s, It Acts As A Rocket Launch Pad, One Starts Thriving In All Walks Of Life, One’s Growth Accelerates At The Speed Of Rocket, Right From The Beginning And Then Sky Is The Limit.

Is Everyone Lucky To Find Such A Friend ? 

Where Can One Find Such A Friend ? 

Everyone Is Lucky As Everyone Is Blessed With At Least One Such Friend. But To Realise Such Friend, One Must Become Such A Friend To Someone, One Must Give Before Receiving, Isn’t It ? One Must Act With Compassion And Humbleness Without Anything In Return As A Right Friend With Others, One Must Act First As A Rocket Launch Pad For Others, One Must Reach Out To Others For The Cause, For Their Happiness, For Their Success, For Their Fulfilment, For Their Betterment, Willingly, Selflessly, Restlessly, Tirelessly, Timelessly, Lovingly And Happily. When One Possesses Or Develops These Qualities From Within, On Their Success Path Or Journey Of Life, One Will Encounter Such Friends And Will Expedience Blissfulness Of Such Friendships. One Must Become Self-Realised Before Reaching To The State Of Friend-Realised.

( Here High Attention Is Sought Of The Readers That In The Above Context Friend Can Be One’s Best Buddy, Gf, Bf, Spouse, Family Member, Relative, Oneself, Guru Or God ) 

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