Continuous Imperfections Will Lead To Perfection

    Perfection Can Be Way Of Life And One Must Aim For Reaching Perfection. In Reality One Just Keeps On Striving For Perfection Without Delivering And Taking Experience Of Imperfections. One Must Understand That Perfection Comes With Practice, With Persistence & Consistence Improvements, For Which One Must Take Continuous Actions, Must Deliver Things With Imperfection With Aim To Keep On Improving On The Path. 

What Is Perfection? 

To Understand Perceived Perfection One Must First Understand Imperfections, Which Gives Idea And Clarity About Perfection. See One Must Understand That Delivery Of Imperfections Does Not Mean Inferior Or Poor Quality. Be Clear That Imperfection Is In The Eyes Of Creator, For Receiver Its A Perfect Product Or Service Or Value. Creator’s Vision Is For Excellence Or Outstanding But That Must Not Stop Creator From Delivering What Is In The Reach & Perfect At The Present Moment. 

It’s Likely That Creator Compares His Present State With The Perfect State, Which Is Perfectly Fine For Taking Inspirations For Improvements, But The Moment Creator Ignores It’s Current Capabilities And Present Creations, It’s Unlikely To Move Further, One Get Stuck In The Future By Forgetting The Present. Reaching Excellence Is The Best Goal, But One Must Take Small Strikes For Small Wins To Gradually Reach Out To The Destination – Excellence. Continuous Imperfections, Best Way To Reach Perfection, One Must Admire & Love Both For Systematic Progress.

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