Better Be An Actor Than A Spectator

        Humans Love Blame Game, Especially When There Is Uncertainty And Specially When Responsibility Is Involved. There Could Be Short Term Gain In Blame Game But One Is Forgetting That In Long Term It’s A Biggest Loss To The Blamer. How And Why ? One Must Understand That The Outcome Of One’s Situation Is Purely Based On The Past Actions Or Decisions Taken Or Even Not Taken For The Given Situation. Not Taking Decision Or Action Is Also An Action. One Is Merely Satisfying (Outer) Oneself By Blaming Others For The Outcome, But Deep Down One Knows The Truth And Can’t Satisfy (Inner) In True Sense. 

Better Be A Gamer Than A Blamer, Be An Actor Than A Spectator. 

Blame Game Is Merely A Waste Of Energy, Instead One Must Focus That Energy On Real Actions Or Strategy Building. To Have True Control Over Life, One Must Take One’s Own Responsibility. Responsibilities For All Acts, Deeds, Thoughts, Desires, Dreams, Words. One Must Understand That One’s Future Lies In The Actions Taken In Present Time. One’s Daily Action Or Routine Step By Step Builds One’s Tomorrow. Don’t Run Away From The Results, Accept & Face It, Take Charge By Learning From The Outcome, Give Oneself Another Chance To Act Upon The Learning To Improve Results, Do This Till Desired Outcome Is Achieved.

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