Dream To Reality, One Must Master The Art !!

    Our Creative Mind Is Active All The Time Due To Which We Get Lot Many Ideas, Solutions, Answers To Many Questions, But We Seldom Act Or React On It. We Do This May Be Because We Take It For Granted, We Have Formed Habit To Ignore Or Not To Do Deep Work On It, May Be Because We Are Not Resourceful Enough To Act On It. But The Fact Remains That We Are Losing Opportunity On The Ideas And In A Way We Are Losing Opportunity To Serve The World With Possible Solutions. It’s Just Happening That We Are Not Seeing The True Potential, Our Faith On Our Self Has Tarnished, We Are Unable To See The Hidden Vision And Hence Unable To Convert It Into Mission. Everything Which Is Created In This World Is Created Twice, First Birth Is In Mind And Second Birth Is In Physical Form. The True Art Lies Between These Two Forms Of Birth, It’s Up To One’s Capabilities, Skills, Proficiency To Convert From One Form To Another. The Conversion Process Is Scientific And Anyone Can Master The Art With The Right Resources.

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