Happiness Lies In Courage !!

    One Of The Fundamental Principle Of Any Human Development Is Courage. All Other Values, Traits Or Characters Effectiveness Are Based On Courage. Courage Is To Stand For Dreams & Desires, Beliefs And Values, To Adapt To Change With Time, To Remain On One’s Path & Sustain Till Goals Are Achieved, To Remain Firm Against Failures & Courageous Enough To Convert Failures Into Opportunities. Courage Is To Support And Uplift Others, Courage Is In Selfless Service To Humanity. Courage Is Not Allowing To Be Carried Away With The Flow And Rise Against All Odds. Courage Is To Remain Warrior & Face Any Given Situation. Courage Is In Taking Calculated Risk, Seeing What Others Can’t See. Courage Is In Execution Of The Vision. The Very First Step Which Required For Any Action Is Courage By Believing In Oneself And Seeing Oneself As A Winner. Every Steps In Direction Of Goals, Every Steps On Success Ladder Are In Conjunction With Courage, Without Which It Would Be Impossible To Move Forward. Courage Against Uncertainty Is The Most Simplest Way To Lead Happy Life.

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