Path To Achieve Higher Sense Of Connection

        It’s Natural Tendency For Humans To Remain And Operate Within Their Comfort Zone. Do And Achieve Things Which Are Within The Reach, Easy And Certain. Humans Avoid Uncertainty, Things Which Requires Extra Efforts Or Which Seems To Be Impossible. Human’s Aims For Small, As They Know They Can Achieve It Without Facing Failures And To Feel Happy About It. Certainty Small Aims Does Not Give Any Sense Of Happiness & Fulfilment As It Fails In Challenging Human Potentials As Well Fails In Stimulating Human Brains For Real Success. Small Aims Will Not Lead Anywhere, It Will Not Tap Human’s True Potential, It Can Not Create Growth And Hence Can Not Create Happiness Within. Humans Must Aim For Bigger Goals, Larger Than Their Capabilities, Much Larger Than Their Capacity. This Way Human Will Start Pushing Themselves & Tapping Their Potentials, Activating Creative Mind, Generating Ideas, Achieving Invisible, Stimulating Brain On The Path Of Innovation And This Forms The Base For Science And Research. Larger Than Life Goals Puts Human On Chain Of Continuous Progress, Progress Of Humanity & All Living Beings. Bigger Aims Gives Larger Picture To Life, Human Potentials, Behaviours, Giving Birth To Cordiality, Intimacy, Affinity, A Very High Sense Of Connection, The Very Basis For Mental, Physical & Spiritual Growth.

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