How To Generate Great Ideas ?

    As We Understand When We Have Bigger Goals, Creative Faculty Of Mind Gets Activated And We Stimulate Our Mind To Innovate. This Very Creative Mind Generates Lot Many Ideas. These Ideas May Or May Not Be Relevant To Our Current State. It’s Important That We Act Upon Ideas Which Lead Us Towards Our Goals. There Must Be Cordiality, Intimacy, Affinity, A Very High Sense Of Connection Between Creative Mind And Our Goals. We Must Align Our Creative Faculty With Universe To Tap The Abundant Source Of Energy. These Energy Connection Is Possible Though The Passion With Which We Are Leading Our Goals And Life. Larger The Purpose, Larger The Passion And Larger The Flow Of Universal Energy. Decoding And Utilising This Energy Is A Massive Task But It Can Be Channelised With Right Attitude And Self-Less Motives. Each Of These Ideas Has Immense Value In Itself And One Such Idea Can Change Lives Of Billions. Be Passionate About Executing Any Such Ideas For The Betterment Of Humanity. 

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