Knowledge Power Can Save Environment & Humanity

    Knowledge Is Power, Power To Understand, Know Or Awareness About Subject, Things Or Matter. Knowledge Is An Unique Skill Set Giving Oneself An Unique Edge Over The Rest. Knowledge Gives A Power, A Boost Or A Special Ability To Empower Oneself As Well Others. Knowledge Is Considered To Be Of Higher Strength Than Any Other Characteristics Human Possesses, Materialistically Or Spiritually. It Increases By Its Value On Sharing And Spreading Across, Accumulating And Hiding It Will Lead Nowhere. One Must Understand That One Can’t Grow Alone, Real Progress Is When A Large Number Of Life Gets Benefited Out Of One’s Knowledge. Acquiring Knowledge Is A Scientific Process, One Must Keep It Evolving From Time To Time, Leading To Deeper And Newer Understanding. It Must Be Applied And Practised To Gain Experience, Which In Turn Will Lead To Knowledge Expertise Or Authority. These Expertise Is Nothing But The Quality Of Being Wise Meaning Wisdom. Right Knowledge Expertise Will Create A Knowledge Base Which Must Be Utilised For The Betterment Of Humanity And Environment In Which Humans Are Thriving.

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