Life Strokes brings Colourful Opportunities & Brighter Future

        By Birth We As Humans Are Very Raw In Nature, Although Our Soul And DNA Carries Experiences And Memories But We Have No Access To It. This Rawness Must Be Imbibed With Right Qualities To Bring Out Best From Within, Just Like Diamonds Which Needs Pressure For Its Formations. Once The Right Qualities Are Revealed One Must Implement And Adhere To It. These Are Transforming Process And One Must Not Get Bored Or Irritated On The Rough Journey Before Experiencing The Smoother Ride, Before Encountering Blissfulness & Happiness. 

        Transforming Process Is Nothing But Learning From Within And From Outside World To Create A Set Of Experiences Leading To Wisdom And Ultimately Giving Clarity On Larger Purpose Of Life, A Purpose For Which We Have Born Into This World. One Who Refrains From Transformation Or Is Not Willing To Adopt To External Pressures Losses Essential Phase Of Life. One Must Also Remember That Life Keeps On Teaching Us Same Things Again And Again Till We Learn It 100%, Hence Everyone Has To Undergo Transformation, Earlier Is Always Better, To Cherish Fruits Of The Same In Later Part Of Life. Each Strokes Of Life Paints Us With New Colours, Bringing New Opportunities And Promising Brighter Future.

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