What’s Your Life Path ?

        In Life We Always Have Two Choices One Is Cry Down On Something And Second Is Get Over Something, Of Course There Is A Third Choice To Do Nothing. The Most Easy Is To Cry Down Repeatedly And Pamper Our Ego, It Does Not Require Efforts, Easy To Find Supporters As Well Sympathy. On The Other Hand Seemingly Difficult Task Is To Get Over Something, It Requires Extra Efforts, Our Creative Faculty To Work Hard To Resolve Or Solve Or Evolve Any Of The Matters. We Can Find Very Few People On The Path And A Very Few Or Even No Form Of Appreciation For The Work Done. If We Analyse, Cry Will Lead Nowhere And Hard Work Will Lead To Transformation. Both Act Multiplies Over A Period Of Time, Cry Will Multiple Negativity And Transformation Will Multiple Positivity. Cry Is A Downsize Path And Transformation Is A Growth Path. Both Are Infectious In Nature Transformation Will Bring Larger Transformation While Cry Will Infect With More Downsizing In Everyone’s Life.

Now The Question Is What’s Your Life Path ?

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