Where Must We Focus On The Path Of Success ?

    On The Success Path, We focus on Achievements, Outcome, Money OR Name & Fame. We Aim & Chase After Goals And We Often Become Too Much Result Oriented. Focus Remains On The Fruits And In This Process We Become Monotonous, Forgetting The People In & Around Us, Forgetting To Acknowledge, Forgetting To Be Grateful, Forgetting The Larger Purpose, Forgetting To Enjoy The Process, Forgetting The Happiness And Fulfilment. We Must Give Our Best, Our 100% To Our Goals Without Worrying About The End Results Or The Fruits (Visible Outcome). It’s Not Necessary That We Always Achieve What We Desire, But In Process We Always Learn And With Learning We Grow. Although We Must Aim For Our Goal And Work Towards It With Full Dedication, But We Must Focus On Learning, Implementation And Growth (Invisible Outcome). The End Results Or The Fruits Are Just Visible Outcome Which Will Come At Its Own Time, But Invisible Outcome Is A Daily Progress In The Areas Of Physical, Mental And Spiritual State And Is Accompanied With Inner Blissfulness.

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