Regret – Giant Leap Into Past Life

    Humans Love To Dwell In Past And Regret Over Many Past Matters. Lot Of Time Is Spent On Thinking About Past Life, Decisions Made In Past And Regretting On The Consequences. One Thinks About The Second Choice Over The Decision Taken And Imagines About What One Would Have Achieved If Second Or Alternative Decisions Were Made, Making Another World Of Unrealistic Imagination. One Truly Forgets That Such Thoughts Or Imaginations Has No Meaning Or Any Effect On The Present Life Results.  In Fact Such Process Multiplies The Intensity To Regret. This Is A Never Ending Thought Process. Instead One Should Learn From The Past Mistakes And Must Move On. One Must Use The Energy & Time For Making Better Choices In Present Time For The Brighter Future, One Must Utilise Creative Imagination For Building Future. Possibly Best Way To Overcome Regents Is To Forget And Forgive, Forgetting The Incidences And Forgiving The Associated Persons. One Must Cherish The Past And Take Inspirations For The Giant Leap For The Next Level.

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