Envy - Complicated Emotion

    Envy One Of The Predominant Emotions Of Humankind Which One Must Win Over. Envy Is A Feeling Of Discontentment Over Something Possessed By Others. One Gets Jealous Over Quality Of Bring Or Materialistic Matters. The Very Basis Of Envy Feeling Is The Arising Questions: Why Not Me And Why Others? At Outer Level One Is Considering Oneself Superior To Others. In Reality One Must Understand That At Root Level One Is Not Yet Capable Or Have Not Work Way Up To Naturally Possess It. There Is Nothing Impossible, One Can Possess Anything And Everything, Only Requirement Is A Will To Strive Through The Path. When One Gets Envy, Clearly One Does Not Understand The Possibility Fact Of Life; There Are No Short Cuts To Success. Everyone Is Uniquely Blessed With Specific Gifts. Instead Of Ignoring One’s Own Gifts And Becoming Envy, One Must Friend With The Other Person; Learn From That Person The Art To Achieve Desired Results. One Must Simplify Thinking Pattern And Eliminating Complicated Envy Pattern. Ultimate Aim Is Happiness Pattern.

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