Hatred - Silent Killer

    Hatred Is Dislike Or Animosity Or Prejudice On Or Over Someone Or Something. Hatred Is The Strongest Negative Feeling Which Is Infectious In Nature. When Set Of People Together Creates Hatred Over Matters, Gives Larger Platform For Negativity To Grow Leading To Creation Of Havoc. Deep Down, Roots Of Hatred Is Linked With Anger. Hatred Acts As A Slow Poison, Killing Feeling Of Love At All Levels. 

When Hatred Becomes Habit, It Creates Permanent Space In Thoughts, Wiping Creative Thinking & Boosting Thoughts & Fillings With Rage. 

In Long Run There Are Behavioural Changes Visible Through Body Language As Well Spoken Language. Entire Focus Remains On The Aimless Goal To Hate. One Spends Tremendous Amount Of Energy On Such Goals Having Devastated Results. Worst Part Is Even After So Much Of Stressful Exercises Hater Is The Sufferer And The Subject Of Hatred Is A Free Bird. The Person Who Carries Such Feelings Undergoes Unnecessary Distress And As A Result There Is A Stagnation In Any Form Of Intellectual & Spiritual Development. The Only Way One Can Remain Immune From Hatred Is By Adopting Solicitude & Forgiveness In All Three State Physical, Mental & Spiritual. Love Is The Only Antidote Savior From Toxic Hatred.

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