Insensitivity – Valley Of Emptiness

        In Today’s Modern World & Fast Changing Life Humans Remains Confined To Their Ego With Limited Thinking Power. Man Extended Their Reach Far Outside On Materialism But Has Created Valley & Emptiness Within. Man Are Extraordinarily Modernising But At The Same Time Has Grown Deep Down To Insensitivity. Insensitive Towards Society, Humans, Animals, Environments, Humans Have Lost All Senses And Feeling Of Towards Living Beings And Mother Nature. Humans Have Become More Rigid By Loosing Flexibility In Understanding And Indulgence. Humans Has Grown Insensitive & Ignorant To Their Own Inner Voice. 

Man Have Lost Connections, Bonds And Compassion Towards Each Other As Well Towards Nature. Man Are Attracted Towards Materialism So Much So That They Have Lost Connection With Inner Self Hence Connections With The Universal Divine Energies. The Only Way To Reverse This Is By First Establishing Connections Within, Creating Peace Within, Learning To Be Flexible & Creative Enough Towards Ever Changing Environment, Understanding & Attaining Inner Happiness. Qualities Like Compassion, Humility And Love Can Reinforce & Activate Great Level Of Sensitivity, Sensitivity Towards All Living Creatures. 

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