Attachment - Disconnection From Transcendence

    The Emotion, Which Halts The Progress Of Humans In True Sense, Which Does Not Allow Humans To Think Three Dimensionally, Which Keeps Them On Their Toes & Makes Life Miserable, Is Attachment. Attachment To Person, Power, Worldly Matters, Ego … It Hampers Mental And Specially Spiritual Growth. Attachment Is Moha, It Keeps Man Busy In Worldly Things, Man Keeps On Jumping From One Attraction To Another From One Desires To Another As He Keeps Looking For Happiness In Materialism, Man’s Quest For Happiness Never Gets Fulfilled In His Life Time.

One Must Not Confuse Attachment And Devotion, They Are Different, Fundamentally Attachment Is Always Relates To Gaining Something And Devotion Is To Give Away Everything , Attachment Is Selfish Attraction While Devotion Is Self-Less & Pure Love.

Man May Not Be Able To Get Rid Of His Duties & Responsibilities, And Morally One Should Not, But In Carrying Out Such Duties One Must Not Create Attachments At Any Level, Which Can Be Relations, Friendships, Or Materials. This Is Possible Only When One Understands Transcendence, When One Rises Above Physical State, When A Person Reaches A State Of Self-Realisation. It’s A Process Of Spiritual Upliftment And One Realises & Connects To Universe Beyond One’s Senses. Detachment Comes Naturally In This State And There Are No Extra Effort Required As One Truly Understands The Transitory Physical World. With Detachment One Gets Momentum Or Push To Move Away From The Orbit Or The Circle Of Life. It’s Up To Individual To Attach Back To The Orbit Or Utilise The Energy Of Momentum & Convert Into Force For Spiritual Fulfilment.

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