Fear – Paralyzing Mind

    Fear Is An Emotion Caused By The Perceived Possibility Of Something Harmful May Happen By A Person Or A Thing. The Fact Of Life Is What One Fears About Will Always Prevail, What One Focuses Expands, Hence What One Fears About Will Be Reality Of Life. Either One Has To Face The Fear Or Fear Will Show Up Its Ugly Face. One Must Understand That Best Things Are Always Hidden On The Other Side Of Fear. It’s A Wall Which Everyone Needs To Jump Or Break. Deep Down Fear Exists Because Of Uncertainty Or Some Bad Past Experiences, It’s So Much Powerful That It Paralyses One’s Mind To Think In That Direction, Not Even For Making Attempts To Move Forward. One Must Understand One Can’t Progress Until One Overcomes Their Fears, To Be Successful One Must Eliminate Fears At All Levels. Most Common Fears Are Of Death, Heights, Water, Enclosed Spaces, Failure, Public Speaking Or Socialising, It Can Also Be Classified With Different Phobias Acrophobia, Aerophobia, Autophobia, Hydrophobia, Zoophobia Etc. Bottom Line Is Fears Does Not Allow Oneself To Take Solid Or Firm Actions, It Creates New Stories And Put’s One On The Back Foot. Fear Is Nothing But Limitation Set By Mind, Its Purely A Mind Game. One Can Over Come All Of Their Fears Just By Creating Belief Of Achieving. The Best Way Is To Just Do It With Determination. Just Be Fearless !! 

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