Success – Awareness, Preparedness, Failures & Mistakes

    Success Path Is Never In A Straight Line, There Are Bound To Be Ups And Downs. It’s Important How We Mange These Ups And Downs. How Much Are We Prepared To Bounce Back In Downs And How Big Leap Are We Prepared To Take With Ups ? Both Of These Together Decides The Magnitude Of Our Success. The Most Important Factor Here Is Awareness And Preparedness, Success Comes To Those Who Truly Understand These Factors. On The Path Of Success We Are Bound To Fail Lot Many Times, We Are Suppose To Make Mistakes Before Reaching To Destination. These Failures Must Be Considered As A Constructive Failure And These Mistakes Must Be Only As A Result Of Moving Forward And Not Otherwise. Both Of These Together Decides The Longitude Of Our Success. When We Fail & Make Mistakes, We Learn, We Become Aware, We Prepare More, We Know More And Hence We Do More Better Than The What We Use To Do.

Failures & Mistakes And Awareness & Preparedness Must Take Us Closer To Our Goals. If By Any Chance We Are Moving Away From Our Goals, We Must Correct Ourselves And Redirect Our Thought Process On The Chosen Path. Success Is Never An Accident, It’s A Results Of Well Planned Ideas & It’s Execution.

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