Proactive Or Retroactive Encouragement - A Critical Management Decision

     The Quality Which Sustains Life And Its Growth Is Courage. Entire Human Race Survival Is Based On This Quality As It Encourages Humans To Face Any Difficult Situation, To Conquer All Fears, To Remain Optimistic And To Strengthen One’s Determination & Will Power. Giving Courage, Support, Confidence, Or Hope To Others Is Way Of Inspiring Or Transmuting One’s Courageous Energy To Others And It’s A Process of Encouragement. Encouragement Is Motivation Or Contagiously Passing Enthusiasm And Positivity. It’s A Process Of Enrichment – Enhancing & Adding Values In Someone’s Life. It Has Dual Benefits, It Spreads Positive Energy & Positive Results In The Receiver At The Same Time It Regenerates & Multiplies In Its Magnitude In The Giver Or Encourager. 

One Must Also Understand That There Are Always Two Side Of A Coin. Meaning There Is A Thin Line Between Proactive Encouragement And Retroactive Encouragement. While Proactive Encouragement Boosts Positive & Progressive Culture In Any Environment Or Organisation, Retroactive Encouragement Promotes Intolerance. In Any Environment, What One Tolerates Is Always Perceived As Encouragement, Destroying The Culture And Its Values. Proactive Encouragements are life transforming and end result is Positive Progress.

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