Human Body - True Temple of God

    There Are Three Most Important Elements Possessed By Humans; Balance Of Each Element Is Utmost Important To Lead Profound & Purposeful Life. These 3 Elements Controls Physical, Mental And Spiritual State And Corresponds To Body, Mind And Soul. Physical State Is Governed By Body Whose State Decides The Fate Of Balance Two Elements.

Perhaps The Most Ignored & Most Abused Element, In Rat Race And Materialism One Always Gives List Priority To One’s Body, Ignoring All The Warnings & Time To Time Intuitive Alerts Released By The Body. Due To All The Ignorance Body Exerts High Stresses And Pressures Leading To Decay And Ageing Of The Body Organs & Cells.

With Non-Maintenance Of Body Systems One Feels Loss Of Enthusiasm, Interests, Positivity, Alertness, Becomes Slave Of Lethargy, Depression, Procrastination, Negativity, All These Adds To Development Of Unwanted Habits Like Lack Of Exercise, Excessive Eating, Irregular Sleeping Patterns, Which Further Leads To Over Or Under Weight, Body Becomes House Of Disease Instead Of Power House.

One Must Understand That Health Is Wealth And One’s Body Is The Most Precious Asset That One Can Invest In. The More One Invest Their Time And Energy The Higher The Returns They Get With Sound & Perfect Body Functioning. Sound Body Requires Sound Commitments And Discipline But With Decay One Looses All Such Controls.

One Can Recreate Temple Of God & Source Of High Energy Within Themselves, Can Reignite The Spark By Respecting & Loving Their Bodily Health With Shear Determination, Willpower And Self-Motivation.

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