Mindful Life Decisions - Steps Towards Fulfilment

    Lot Many Times One Ignores Or Just Observes Things Even Though One Is In Position To Take Steps On The Subject Matter Or Situation. Doing Nothing With Ignorance Or In A Hope That Something Will Happen Is Perhaps The Worst Thing To Do. One Prefers To Remain Ignorant And Believes That Something Will Happen On Its Own, But Remember Doing Nothing Is Also A Decision And Every Decision Taken Has Some Form Of Results. Such Results Are Not Calculated And Hence The Risk. When One Takes Mindful Decision The Outcome Will Have Limited Risk, But When The Decision Is Taken By An Ignorant Mind, The Risk Has No Definite Boundaries. It’s Important To Remain Mindful On Each Decisions, Awareness Creates Understanding Which Gives Power To Analyse & Reach Out To The Roots In Finding Solution. When Decisions Are Based On Root Cause Analysis, There Seems No Room For Error. Systematic Approach Leads Towards Fulfilment Irrespective Of The End Results.

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