Exponential Growth & Trajectory Forces

     Life Means Progress And There Is No Way Anybody On Their Own Would Be Willing To Start All Over From Scratch Or The Point From Which One Had Started Or From The Level Lower Than The Current, Unless Life Brings Such Situations. Since Everyone Wants To Progress And Move To Next Level, It Is Obvious To Leave Matters Which Does Not Lead Us Towards These Goal. We Have To Leave Old & Limited Beliefs, Our Circle, Friends, Colleagues, Company Who Has Limited Beliefs And Are Not Ready To Change. It’s Never Personal But It’s All About Mind Conditioning. For One’s Progress One Has To Adapt To New Circumstances, New Progressive Companies For Which One Has To Constantly Carry Out Positive Mind Reconditioning, Keeping Away From All Forms Of Negativity. We Must Not Allow Anybody To Corrupt & Interrupt Our Reconditioning Process And Bring Us Down To The Lower State Than The Current Stat In Which We Are Thriving. We Must Always Strive To Remain On The Higher Energy Path For The Possible Exponential Growth Via Trajectory Forces.

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