Choice Between Ego & Compassion

    Most Of Us Love To Talk About Our Stories, Achievements, Experiences &  Problems, But We Lack In Patience To Hear Someone Else Stories, Achievements, Experiences &  Problems, What A Hypocrisy !! We Close Our Doors To Learn, Re-Learn, Understand, To Analyse Others Success & Failure. We Live In A World Of I, Forgetting The World Of We. Our Ego Always Wants To Portray Our Greatness So Much So That We Are Unable To Connect To Others With Genuinity. We Are Unable To Listen & Understand Others Feelings & Situations. We Just Want To Express Our Self (boastfully or selfishly) Forgetting Others Emotions, Situations, Circumstances. Due To This Ego No One Really Gives A  Damn About Anything We Are Portraying, Ultimately Ego Clashes With Ego And No One Is Really Listening. When We Care, Love & Respect Compassionately to Others Feelings, Situations, Circumstances, In Reciprocation We Get Similar Treatment. We Create A Ground To Passionately Listen To Each Other. Remember Even If We Don’t Get Similar Treatment From Others We Must Not Leave Our Path Of Compassion. When We Are On The Path Of Compassion Our Job Is To Sow Seeds Of Love, Care & Respect In Others, It’s Up To Others How They Want To Cultivate These Seeds. When We Reap Compassion In Our Heart We Cultivate Genuine & Equal Feelings For Everyone’s Betterment & This The True Nature Of Life.

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