Self-Realisation - Ecstatic State

    We Strongly Believe That What We Do & Achieve Is All Because Of Our Intelligence, Smartness, Cleverness In Thoughts, Ideas, Innovations, Discoveries, Research. We Consider Our Self As  Special, Unique, Talented, Skilled, Extraordinary. Although There Is Nothing Wrong In Thinking On This Line As Long As It’s Not Pampering Our Ego And Only And Only As A Positive Mind Condoning.  If Such Thoughts Are Pampering – Over Indulging One’s Ego And It’s Taken In Head Than  One Becomes Boastful & Selfish By Nature. Underling Fact Is True Source Of Knowledge, Thoughts, Idea Is The Universe Where We Decode All Of The Knowledge. Universe Is An Infinite Source Of Information And Decoding Process Can Be Compared With Functioning Of Phonograph. One Must Accept That Tapping Of Such Information Is Possible Through Universal Energies, Blessings, Divine Connections, Ecstatic State, Transcendence.  One Must Remain Grateful For The Abilities And Blessings. We Must Realise That We Are Not The Owner Of Any Such Information And We Are Just The Means For Spreading And Sharing Information. With Grace, Once We Realise These Facts, We Prevail In The State Of Self-Realisation.

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