Be Aware & Be The Change

    One May Live Life In Three Ways 1) With No Awareness, 2) With Awareness But Aimless, 3) With Awareness & Aims. Where There Is No Awareness In Life There No Questions Asked, And One Leads Life As & How It Comes.  When One Is Aware About Underlying Potentials, But Consciously Chooses To Lead Life Without Any Aims. And When One Is Fully Aware And Decides To Act With Purpose, Aims & Goals. The First Category Has No Clue About Surroundings And Things Happening Around. Second Category Knows Everything About Changing Environment But Has No Clue How To Change Or Don’t Want To Change Or It’s Becomes Too Late For A Change. The Third Category Senses Changing Environment Long Before It Takes Place, They Adapt Themselves Or They Bring The Change Or They Are The Cause Of Change. They Impact Hundreds And Thousands Of Lives And Lead Others To Betterment & Upliftment. These Life Changers Have Clear Purpose, Well Defined Aims & Goals, Plan Of Actions And Strong Willpower For Execution.

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