Determination & Courage Leads To Innovation

    Nothing Is Served Readily In Life, One Has To Strive & Make Attempts To Get The Real Fruits. In The Process Of Making Attempts We Can Evaluate Various Possibilities And We Learn To Tap Our Potentials. We Can Expand Our Capabilities, Exposure And Skills. We Can Improve Upon Current Work Or Ideas. Attempt Brings Courage, Courage To Innovate, Discover & Research. Due To This Courage One Is Able To Pursue Various Perspective And Overcome Lot Many Challenges. What Seems Impossible Becomes Possible. Such Attempts Have Potential Impact Not Only On Attempter’s Life But Also On Many More Lives Creating Lasting Positive & Progressive Change. Besides Courage One Must Have Higher Determination Power. Determination & Courage Creates A Fail-proof Mindset. Determination Will Over Come All Fears And One Can Have Courage For Incredible Attempts To Achieve Greater Things. Doing Nothing Is Not A Solutions, Doing Something And Failing Is Normal, Doing Something Extraordinary And Achieving Is A Success.

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