Indecision – Fearful Mind Games

    Indecision Is Difficulty In Making Decisions, Inability To Decide Between Choices. One Remains In Ambiguity And Is Unable To Move With Confidence. It Could Be Due To Lack Of Determination, As When One Is Determined There Is No Room For Ambiguity. Either One Is Not Able To Analyse Appropriately The Available Choices Or There Is A Lace Of Confidence In Deciding Over The Choices. Lack Of Confidence Is Self-Deprecation Or Lack Of Self-Esteem, Meaning There Is Fear Of Something Deep Within. When One Is Not Able To Evaluate Choices It Means That The Fear Is Of Larger Magnitude. But When One Sees Choices But Is Indecisive Means That The Fear Is Seedling, It Has Just Making Back Door Entry, It Has Started Creating A Room Inside One’s Heart & Mind. This Is The Right Time To Get Rid Of Baby Fear Before This Young Fear Spreads Its Roots. One Has To Think Deep, See Three Dimensional Perspective And Must Make Hard Choices To Move On And To Progress Fearlessly. Fearless Mind & Heart Is The First Baby Step On The Ladder Of Success.

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